PD McPem’s Agency for Mysterious Mysteries

Case One: The Recorder Racket

PD McPem and her faithful puppy Scooter are at Granny and Grandpa’s house for their annual clean up. While cleaning up the garage with Grandpa, PD finds a box full of things from the olden days, including Grandpa’s old brown trilby hat, his trench coat and a magnifying glass – everything PD needs to start her own Detective’s Agency!

When PD’s most treasured treasure goes missing, she must use all of her new detecting skills to track down the culprit. Can she overcome a shoo-ing Granny, a double-crossing dog and a universe-chomping black hole to save her beloved recorder?

Case One: The Recorder Racket

“such a fun and endearing story that sparkles with mystery and humour.”

Aussie Kids Books

Case Two: The Puzzling Pet Parade

It’s West Bay Primary School’s annual Pet Parade and Miss Hartnett’s Year One class is excited to showcase their lovable companions. Budding detective PD McPem is particularly keen to show off her clever canine assistant, Scooter.  But the arrival of her new deskmate, Theodora Putkins, and her Rhinoceros Beetle Circus creates havoc when both Scooter and Mary the beetle are nowhere to be found!

Can PD McPem’s agency for Mysterious Mysteries solve the puzzle of the missing pets before it’s too late?

Case Two: The Puzzle of the Pet Paradearade

Case Three: The Baffling Beach Bandit

Dive into the sandy shores with PD McPem in an unforgettable beach adventure!

PD and her classmates are all set for a day of sun and sea, but the excitement takes an unexpected turn when they discover somebody has sunk the lifeboats. As Detective PD McPem and her team investigate, they unravel a trail of chaos – bananas missing, food scattered, and the bell from Mr Li’s ice cream trike is missing.

Is it a shark? An octopus? A SHARKTOPUS?!  Grab your detective gear and get ready for a beach day like no other!

Case Three: The Baffling Beach Bandit